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Book reviews!

I have two sneak peeks to load up (wait until you see the GORGEOUS babies I met this weekend!), but since it’s been awhile, I thought I’d catch you all up on my recent reads.

For those new to my blog, I’m a voracious reader. And I try to post reviews when I can. So let’s get to it, shall we?

In no particular order:


I love me some Preston & Child. This was an interesting book – lots of science and physics and "the big bang" stuff. I always feel just a little bit smarter when I finish one of these. Or Crichton. Ok, yes, I KNOW it’s fiction, but still. I didn’t have intimate knowledge of matter and anti-matter before, and now I do. So there.


I love old Koontz. And some new Koontz. Some of it is just a wee bit out there for me. I will admit that David Morrell (Creepers & Scavenger, both awesome) has stolen a bit of my Koontz-love away. BUT I loved this one. It was a simple tale with great character development. Did I figure it out too early? Yes. Did I have to call my mother and have her talk me out of calling the Golden Retriever Rescue RIGHT NOW to get one? Yes. More than once. But I enjoyed the book thoroughly. And remain dogless (for now).


Excellent follow-up to King of Lies. John Hart and Greg Iles both write deep south suspense rooted in family. And it’s good stuff. Riveting from start to finish. Highly recommended!

(yes, I did swipe the graphics from Amazon, and no, you can’t search inside. Not here, anyway).


Tried a new author here, and wasn’t disappointed. Awesome hero, great plot-with-plots that kept things nice and complicated (just the way I like ’em!). Non-stop action and suspense.


Another new author for me. I liked this one enough to pick up some others from David Ellis. Did it bowl me over? No, not really. The last 1/4 was a little slow and things were tied up too neatly for my taste. In this book, you knew whodunnit, the suspense was in figuring out the why. I don’t usually like books where the whodunnit person is revealed early on.


Totally different direction for me. I do like to mix things up occasionally <ahem>. This one was about – you guessed it! – reincarnation. Lots of fun history information, Vestal Virgins, all that. I like when I can learn a little something along with my entertainment. Kinda like the History Channel between hardcovers. With reincarnation. Ummm…so I guess maybe NOT the History Channel. But sortof. Or not.


Another road less traveled for me (get it, road less traveled?). I know this one has been around awhile, but I usually stick to my suspense. I started this…and couldn’t put it down. I finished it around 10 p.m. sitting in bed…how do I put this? Sobbing. Yes, that’s it. And you KNOW how much I hate that? Because then I had a headache and couldn’t get to sleep, so I kept thinking about 82 year old Claire, and cried more, and woke up this morning and could hardly open my eyes, and had to go to Ava’s parent-teacher conference all puffy. Good grief.

Funny – When I started this one, I looked to see if there’s a movie of it yet (yes, this summer, starring Rachel McAdams and -yum- Eric Bana), thinking how nice it would be to see on the screen. After finishing it? No way in the WORLD will I go to a theater to see it. No ugly crying in front of strangers. Nope. In fact, I’ll be renting it to watch in the privacy of my home, some weeknight when Vic is traveling (no pun intended). All alone, curled up in my chair with a box of tissues. Reminiscent of the time(s) I’ve watched the Notebook (damn you, Rachel McAdams!!) crying all by my lonesome.

Ok, and I just ran off on a little tangent there, didn’t I?

In happier news, new Harlan Coben and Lee Child in April! New John Connolly in June!

Oooh, I just noticed there’s a new F. Paul Wilson out. Gotta go get it tomorrow!