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2009 Goals

I don’t typically make resolutions because – let’s be honest – who keeps them anyway, right?

But this year I have some – let’s just call them GOALS, shall we? Then maybe I’ll be more likely to keep the darned things.

Here are mine:

1. Stay relatively current with my bookkeeping. I know a lot of you are small business owners, but if not:Β  You would not BELIEVE the amount of bookkeeping is involved. Sales taxes, property taxes, federal and state taxes, records, insurance, mileage, business licenses, receipts, paperwork, filing, archival storage, blah blah blah. I use Quickbooks to keep my records, and I’m woefully negligent. I usually panic when my sales taxes are due and bribe Aidan with video games to sit here and help me catch up. This year I VOW to do my bookkeeping once a month. (Somewhere off in GE land I can hear Vic laughing.)

2. Keep more regular “office” hours. One of the joys of my job is working from home – the downside is I never leave work. HA! Due to repeated requests from my family, I’m going to try to keep more regular working hours. It won’t be easy for me, since I’m an unrepentant workaholic (I love my job, what can I say?), but I’m going to try.

3. Take more pictures of my kids. It’s funny – so many clients ask me if I take tons of pictures of Aidan and Ava. And I just don’t. I rarely pull out the camera at home. I even bought a point-and-shoot camera so I’d take more – but I don’t love the quality so it collects dust.

4. Tell their stories. Goes along with #3. I used to <ahem> scrapbook. But haven’t in a good 3 years now. Aidan has 19Β  (yes, 19) books. Ava has…3. I know, I know! Bad mom alert! My goal is to compile pages and text to go into a once-a-year deluxe album. We’ll see how I do with that.

5. Reconnect with old friends. Goes along with #2. That would be YOU, Terry and Roxanne! Do you hear me?!?

6. Post about more random things here on ye old blog. Over the years, I’ve blogged about books, cooking, Vic’s furniture projects, etc. etc. And while it might bore the majority of you to tears (sorry), I think our family would enjoy it since they’re all stuck in the cold tundra of the north many, many miles away. I could start a separate personal blog, but that would require 7 resolutions – <cough> – GOALS – and I think 6 is enough for now. And as my clients well know, what you see with me is what you get – I’m not exactly a shrinking violet, eh?

And now, since a post is useless without pictures, here I am working on #3:




With her blanket and my new child’s chair (forgot to take the tag off – oops!)



Hey, I always say pets are family, right?





Happy Thursday, everyone!

  • michele
    Thursday | January 15th | 2009 at 2:09 pm

    it’s good to have goals! lol the backdrops are just gorgeous! and i know you’ve said in the past that your kids are little vic clones, but they both sure have a lot of mama in them! and i just have to say that every time i see your kids, i wish we could have a play date and talk cameras while our way-too-smart boys play boy stuff and our little princess girls have a tea party. that would be heaven. ;o)

  • Linda J
    Thursday | January 15th | 2009 at 6:14 pm

    Gorgeous (as always!) photos. I especially like #4 – hope you share your pages with us.:)

  • becky
    Thursday | January 15th | 2009 at 8:06 pm

    good luck with the goals. It’s hard finding balance. Amazing how much Ava and Adian look alike other than the serious face vs the funny face πŸ™‚

  • Sidney
    Friday | January 16th | 2009 at 7:21 am

    OMG! Those pictures are wonderful. Love the way you got the dog’s profile. Your children look fabulous. Hope you keep your “goals”!

  • Sara
    Friday | January 16th | 2009 at 8:15 am

    I enjoyed reading your Goals. They all sound pretty doable to me but I realize real life gets in the way sometimes no matter how hard we try to stick to our guns. I was always a big fan of your scrapbook pages and really enjoyed reading your journaling. You always wrote with such humor. I kinda feel like I got to watch Aidan grow up on your pages. Of course I have watched Ava grow up on your blog. Thanks for always sharing your lovely photographs.
    Sara from Indiana
    Burr! It’s -10 today

  • Roxanne
    Friday | January 16th | 2009 at 12:19 pm

    Love your post! And I’d love to see more random thoughts on your blog. Especially book reviews – that is if you ever have time to read anymore! Great pix of the kids as usual and you are inspiring me to give in to the boys’ daily request for a dog.

  • Kirsten
    Friday | January 16th | 2009 at 3:28 pm

    Good goals! I had to tell you: I’m a bookkeeper for a few small businesses. One gal was embarassed to ask me to do this little job…1 – 2 hours a week…basically the excise tax, entering the daily business. But she put it off every week, and had to give up a whole day off at the end of each month. So now it’s 5 years later, and I work a few more hours for her…it’s my *mad* money and she gets the last Sunday of the month off πŸ™‚

  • Lynne
    Saturday | January 17th | 2009 at 10:25 pm

    Your list of goals matches mine almost one-for-one! I too am a small business owner, and keeping up with the paperwork is by far my biggest challenge. If you could see how far behind I am right now you would faint. Seriously. It is so bad that I am nearly paralyzed from taking that next step of trying to get on top of it all. But seeing that I am not alone — and not alone with someone whom I have come to respect and admire — both through your scrapbooking and photography — well, it’s just downright inspirational. So thank you for helping me to see that I’m not alone!

    P.S. Amazing photos of the kiddles…

  • sharon
    Sunday | January 18th | 2009 at 6:30 pm

    Love the photo with the tiara so sweet. I have to add that I was following your blog before it was about photos and while I LOVE your photos I really did enjoy reading your blog back then. I would sit at my desk and check it everyday and get a chuckle. I think your sense of humor really shines thru.

  • berta
    Tuesday | January 20th | 2009 at 1:08 pm

    I love all your goals! I missed your scrapbook pages, the journaling was always the best, what I would love to aspire to! Love the photos of the family too! Ava is just a bit camera shy? NOT! πŸ™‚ And Aidan is looking so grown up! Such a handsome young man!

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