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A New Year Update!

Helloooo….I’m sorry I haven’t updated in awhile, but things have been insanely busy around here! How about an update? Do people still read blogs in lieu of the instant gratification of Instagram?

Let’s assume so and forge ahead, shall we?  (I’ve been binge-watching Downton Abbey and totally said that in a proper British accent in my head. Carry on!)


Lisa Russo Fine Art on Etsy • Over the holidays my Etsy shop reached 5,000 sales. Whaaat? When I made the decision to stop photographing babies and go back to photographing non-pooping things (well, except for animals, but you know what I mean), I had NO idea it would turn into the best.job.I.ever.had. Ever. The dream is to do something you love, and I have found it. And to be successful at it to boot? Icing. Buttercream, even. Thank you so much to all of my friends and clients for your business and support.

• Be on the lookout for my work on a couple of TV shows: Just Add Magic (a GREAT tween series on Amazon – Ava loves it!) and Pretty Little Liars. I haven’t watched the latter but plan to. I believe the episodes with my artwork start with #611.

• The selection varies and I don’t always know what’s up when, (I do share on Twitter when my contact Kelly reminds me!) but you can now find my work on Nordstrom Rack, Gilt, and Joss & Main.

Lisa Russo Fine Art at Amazon

• I haven’t mentioned this one yet as I’m still (slowly, slowly…) getting more work loaded, but I’m VERY excited to be a part of Amazon’s new Handmade division! As an avid Amazon shopper <ahem> I love having my work there.


• On the personal side, you all know how I love my fitness classes! But my beloved Les Mills has been 99.9% replaced by my new favorite thing: Camp Gladiator. This was our Tuesday morning group this week (I’m in the front middle, in case you didn’t know me from my hat). How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. We exercise outside – nothing like it. It’s different every time. Many faces are the same, some are different. Some days we have 30 people, some days we have 100. New friends abound and meeting them has done wonders to drag me out of my introvert shell. CG has camps all over Texas and are expanding all the time. I encourage you to give it a try – ALL fitness levels can participate and I promise you’ll end up loving burpees. Really! Aidan even joins in and it’s the one thing he’ll actually participate in WITH his Mom.


• Vic got me an Apple Watch for Christmas. Do you have one? Do you love it? I LOVE mine. Why? Even though – technically – I’m tied to my notifications more than ever this way, not having the phone in my hand makes a HUGE difference. Does that make sense? I don’t have to look at my phone (instead of the person with me) to see if I have an urgent message. If I get one, the watch buzzes me. I can glance quickly and decide if it’s urgent or can wait. It’s especially nice at family dinners out where – GUILTY – there are times (most times) when we’re all looking at our devices. Now I can leave the phone in my bag.

I have some new work and products to share but golly I’ve blathered on long enough! I’ll share in a new post soon!

  • Carol Jackson Bell
    Friday | January 22nd | 2016 at 7:44 pm

    I’m SO happy for you! It was bound to happen though…your work is exceptional. How exciting! Congratulations!!

  • Dawn Peters
    Wednesday | February 3rd | 2016 at 8:24 pm

    I still read blogs! I like that they’re more than just the glimpses one gets on other forms of social media. Granted, sometimes I’m late (ahem…case in point), but I love that the posts are still right there waiting for me in my Feedly account when I’m ready! At any rate, I am so excited your photography business is doing well. We’re doing some redocrating at our house and I am eyeing a couple of prints that would work perfectly with the new look!