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Amish Corn Shocks


Aren’t they fascinating? I grew up in Upstate New York (near Albany & Saratoga), driving all over for horse shows, and don’t recall ever seeing these. Of course, I could have been way too busy belting songs from our Willy & Waylon 8-Track to notice?

I flew home last month for my Grandfather’s funeral – no condolences needed, he lived 98 long years, doing more things than most people could hope for in 2 lifetimes! With two free days, my Mom and I did what we have come to love: We went on a long country drive looking for barns. We purposely aimed for Amish country, although I can’t even remotely tell you where we were. Left here, right there, drive 5 miles, have a nice chat with the couple from Florida who decided to follow us and shoot the same barns, another right, another 3 miles…When we happened upon a field of these lovely Corn Shocks. Having no clue what they were, I hit up the old Google with “What are vertically stacked corn stalks?” and boom (golly I love the internet). Turns out this is how the Amish manually cut and stack corn for drying and curing. Learn something new every day!

I like this piece on its own; it’s just so perfectly FALL (something we sorely lack here in Texas). I also might have a few barns (or 10) to pair it with. Right now it looks like the October entry for my upcoming 2017 calendar. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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