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New Work

One of my goals for 2017 is to start chipping away at my backlog of photographs to edit. My Art folder in Lightroom has 4,334 images. Yes, you read that correctly. I do shoot the same subject multiple times from various angles, but still. It’s a lot of files.

For those who don’t know…pushing the button is the easy (very easy) part. It’s the work later on that takes allll the time, no matter whether you’re photographing babies, kids, or barns. It’s also the part that’s the most fun, the reason I do what I do. While I would never go so far as to label myself an artist, I do think I’m a creative. And we creatives need to, well, CREATE in order to be really happy. 90% of my workday is comprised of filling orders, emailing with clients, packaging, bookkeeping, checking my packaging stock supplies, and tweaking my listings and SEO. Running a business, basically. The other 10% is Facebook. You shush, yours is too!

When deciding what to edit, I have a very complex procedure: I open my folder and see what catches my eye. Ha! So no, no rhyme or reason, it’s just whatever fits my mood. Here are some pieces I’ve added in the last couple of weeks:

The Foggy Oak

If you’re following along on Instagram, Vic is in the process of completely remodeling my studio/office. It WAS a dark, cold, dreary cave (albeit a really lovely space), suitable for an older gentleman in a robe with a cigar. Perhaps reading a Dickens novel. It’s in the process of turning into a warm, bright, white, grey, wood & stone haven. But I digress! Vic sent me for paint, it was foggy (unusual here), and the huge ranch near our house is covered with gorgeous old oak trees. Fog + trees = just my kind of thing.

Lakeridge Farm in the Snow

This barn is in my hometown and I’ve probably driven by it 1,000 times. I tried to photograph it last summer, but there was a wedding in full swing, alas. I’m glad I had to wait, because it’s even lovelier during a heavy snowstorm. I also felt it was a perfect fit for a ‘barns through the seasons‘ set:

The Girls’ Barn in the Snow

Same town, same day, same snowstorm. But this time it’s an old aqua barn. I HAVE photographed this one in the summertime, do you recognize it?

#5 Cafe Bar, Galway Ireland

Next, I popped over to the files from our trip to London & Ireland. I don’t think my camera left my hand the entire time I wandered the streets of Galway (which made eating my delicious curry no easy feat, I tell ya!). When shooting, my mind immediately connects things with rooms. This was an easy one: I see it as a fun addition to a kitchen, a bar…or as a cool piece on the wall of a restaurant.

Salmon Weir Bridge, Galway Ireland

I photographed this lovely bridge under duress (from my FAMILY). We had just spent a few hours wandering Galway, it had turned rainy and cold (rain in Ireland, who knew?), and we had reservations in Limerick that we were going to miss. But as we passed this bridge, which reminded me so much of my favorite Central Park bridge, I had to stop. In the middle of an intersection, if I recall. You see, once we photographers get in the zone, we sometimes are oblivious to what’s going on around us. Oops.

As we were in a hurry, I had NO idea what it was until I did my research yesterday. This bridge was built in 1818 to go over the River Corrib to the Galway jail. Now it leads to the beautiful Galway Cathedral, which, sadly, we didn’t have time to visit. Next time!

All of these new pieces are available in my shops here, on Etsy, and Amazon.