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Rosemary, Mint & Basil

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When I shoot, I’m typically either in “Mom Photographer” mode (which is 99.9% with my iPhone now) or in “Art Photographer” mode. Then I mosey myself on home and upload my files to the appropriate folder (art photographs vs. family vs. Ava, etc.).

However, today I was looking for a photograph to use for Ava’s 5th GRADE TRIBUTE – oh yes, what??? Yes. Did you know I have one graduating from high school and one graduating from elementary school? OH, and I officially hit middle age next month? Vic has locked himself into my office remodel – he might not come out again until next year. Instead of graduation gifts, please send wine.

This is the picture I decided to use. Of course. Because ripping off the band-aid isn’t nearly as much fun as rubbing salt and a knife in it first:


5th grade people.

ANYWAY, back to my tale. While searching for pictures I happened across a series I shot of the glorious garden I had in Erie. I tell ya, for the 3 months of the year that place wasn’t covered in snow, it was pretty dang fine. My garden was amazing. Herbs EVERYWHERE. And my series was hidden in one of those folders I refuse to look at because it was yesterday and now my kids are growing up too fast…ahem.

The shots were too pretty to leave there, so here you go. Sometimes I think images work much better in a set than as a standalone. Here we have some lovely basil, rosemary, and mint. I even bought Vic a muddler way back when for all that mint – mojitos on the patio? Oh yes.

This set is available in color and black and white, in all 3 of my shops: Etsy, here, and Amazon.

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