2 In our home & family

It’s like Christmas in July…if you’re on the naughty list.

I have discovered that dorm room shopping falls into two categories:

  1. Re-purchase every item you have in your home and attempt to cram it into a 12×12 dorm room.
  2. Buy nothing and let them figure it out.

Having a son, my first instinct was #2. I mean, really, all he needs is a bed and his clothes. My dear Aidan is the epitome of low maintenance.

However. After printing out (and scoffing at) the BB&B checklist (are they serious about lounge seating, soap dish with cover and a steamer?) and talking to my friend Melissa who is about to send #2 off to school, I found myself somewhere in the middle.

He will reside in 2-room suite with a roommate and shared bathroom with two other suitemates. Loftable Twin XL bed, desk with chair, 3-drawer dresser, closet and bookcase. We’re renting a fridge/microwave combo. My goal was to keep it to essentials; it’s not like they don’t have stores in College Station, so he can just go buy what he needs. Or come home and get it. Less than 3 hours away, thank goodness.

Here’s what I have so far:

Bedding: Twin XL allergen mattress cover, 3″ mattress pad, 2 sets of sheets (so he can bring one set home when he visits because – let’s be honest, fellow boy moms, those things ain’t ever getting washed otherwise), pillow and fleece blanket. Plus a ‘sit up in bed’ thing he’ll either love or toss.

Bathroom: Shower caddy and a starter supply of body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream and flossers. Also a couple towels from home. Over-the door hooks for towels, and a small first aid kit with some band-aids, Neosporin, Zyrtec and Advil.

Laundry: Tide pods & a box of Color Catchers. Laundry bag instead of hamper, as I fear the boy will simply relocate his floordrobe to his dorm where (please, please) his roommate might break him of that particular habit. Those dirty rugby clothes are going to be an odoriferous delight. The color catchers are to prevent all his clothes from turning pink as his t-shirt collection adds more and more maroon to the mix (Gig ’em!).

Storage: A couple of stacking crates & some organizer things to hang in the closet. He may not use the latter…if not, I’ll hand them off to Ava.

Cleaning: 4 big cans of wipes. I’m not buying a vacuum as I’m not sure my dear boy knows what that is.

Utility: A small clip-on fan, a desk lamp, a 100′ ethernet cable, power strip, a bunch of command hooks and a large package of batteries for the PS4 remotes (likely the most coveted item in the room). I also handed off my old office TV and Roku stick.

(I know what you’re thinking: “This is a long list for someone who was leaning towards #2…just saying.“)

Kitchen-y Things: A big box of plastic cutlery, a package of 50 rectangular containers with lids (Sam’s Club find – fridge & microwave safe!), some extra toilet paper, paper towels & kleenex, and garbage bags. A couple of dish cloths that I don’t think will ever be used.

Still Need: A rug (maybe?), a bike (definitely), and ethernet adapters for his 2 laptops. I’m sure he’ll also need school supplies (paper, pens, etc.) but I’m going to forego that and let him get what he needs later.

And that’s it? Done and done. Am I missing anything? 

He leaves a week from Monday to sleep on a teammate’s couch for a week of pre-season rugby practice. We drive his stuff down on the 19th to move him in, and head back WITHOUT HIM on the 20th. I’m okay. Really. So far, so good. Still holding strong. I assumed I’d be a mess (and that could still happen), but instead I’m focusing on his not being too far, knowing we’ll see him often (here or there), and bottom line: This is what is supposed to happen.

All the bickering and fights and angst over grades and lack of studying in high school, forcing him into organizations and clubs and community service to amp up that resume…all led to this. And here we are. 🙂 He’s going to a great school in a state he loves, studying exactly what he wanted to. Honestly, I had to take Ava to soccer camp at the high school and literally felt my blood pressure rise; those 4 years were no picnic, my friends.

This mama is very content knowing we raised a damn good kid and now it’s up to him to make his life everything it can be.

The downside? Vic will have to re-learn how to cut the grass. Or teach Ava. That will go over well.

Also: If anyone is free on the 20th to drink wine – JUST IN CASE – you know where to find me.


  • Katy C
    Monday | August 7th | 2017 at 5:18 pm

    need a really good bike lock…and make sure you have the identifying # from your bike.
    Many colleges let you register your bike- worth doing early, cause bike thieves know people aren’t doing it first thing. 😉

    • Lisa Russo
      Thursday | August 10th | 2017 at 10:16 am

      Thank you, Katy! Yes, we bought him a new (cheap) bike & a lock. TAMU does let you register them, I’ll look into it!