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Breaking a Habit

I’m a creature of habit. I’ll eat the same breakfast every day for a year, then change and have something else for a year (Currently: yogurt & granola. Formerly: poached egg & toast). I’ve had a spinach salad with chicken every day for lunch for…oh…5 or 6 years?

Same with beverages:

  • Coffee in the morning
  • Kroger Black & Blueberry vitamin water during my workout
  • Coke Zero with lunch
  • Wine while cooking & eating dinner
  • Decaf coffee at night

No lie: I will drive 3 miles out of my way (and trust me, I like to stay within my bubble) to get a Coke Zero if I’m out. That spinach salad with chicken is absolutely not the same without it. When they changed the formula? <shudder> But it only took a day or two to adjust to the change. And I only have one (hello, OCD!).

Note: Vic drinks water all day and gives me constant side eye for my lack of plain water consumption. But it gives me heartburn. Ugh. 

The bigger issue? Wine. I KNOW. Mmmmm….Every day at 4:00 my body clock would shout: “It’s WINE TIME!!!” But sheesh…I didn’t need the calories and was falling asleep in my chair by 9:00. I wasn’t downing a bottle, but even a glass or two would do me in.


Time to change.

Off I went in search of a healthy alternative. I tried a gazillion different things – some decent, some awful (I’m talking to you, LaCroix) – but to make a long story short: Bai Bubbles. They make fruit flavors, but these soda ones? Aaaaahhhh…life changing. I will say: The natural sweeteners they use take a wee palate adjustment. The initial aftertaste is…jarring? But after a day or two I didn’t notice it at all. I haven’t had afternoon/dinner wine in about 3 weeks. Whoop!

My favorites: The Simbu Citrus and the Rioja Rootbeer. Runner-up: Columba Cream. They’re VERY carbonated and bubbly, which makes me burp like a 14 year old boy. Also very filling, strangely. Mmmm. If you’re looking for an alternative, give ’em a try!

(P.S. not a sponsored post, please, I am not a big enough fish for that jazz.)