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1 In organization/ our home & family

Organizing Family Photographs Part Deux

If you’re anything like me: What do you do when your to-do list is so long your head is spinning and you don’t know where to start? (work/house/kids/dog/work/work/work). You do something that’s not even on the dang list, of course!  I organize. Cleaning out a closet is akin to a 60 minute massage. A stroll through the Container Store (right?). A 20 minute power nap. Of course these zenlike tasks often take on a life of their own with a…

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In cooking & recipes

Texas Caviar

Sunday | July 2nd | 2017

We spent 11 years (total) in Georgia. That was the SOUTH. Where I learned about cornbread dressing, fried chicken and rice with gravy at Thanksgiving (yes, it’s a thing).…

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