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Product image 2Horse Decor • The Spirit-Lisa-Russo-Fine-Art
Product image 3Horse Decor • The Spirit-Lisa-Russo-Fine-Art
Product image 4Horse Decor • The Spirit-Lisa-Russo-Fine-Art

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Meet Bear. That's his nickname, since his REAL name is 'Skip a Bear blah blah' - all that lingo they add on to registered Quarter Horse names. He's my Mom's horse, and Bear is such a fitting name because he's just that - the biggest palomino teddy bear you'd ever meet.

I love him. Especially in the wintertime, when his winter hair comes in and his ears look like this: Fuzzy, cuddly, soft and adorable.

I've added one of my favorite quotations. Also available without.

Q: Are your prints glossy or matte?
A: Since shiny stuff went out in the 80s, luster all the way (what most folks consider matte).

Q: Can I buy the digital file?
A: Nope. (Unless it's for a commercial project, then let's talk.)

Q: I need it for my Mom's birthday in 2 days – will it be here?
A: Yes, but probably not in time for the cake-cutting. Sing extra loud and let Mom know it'll be there soon. Prints ship in a day, canvas wraps in about 4, wood in 2-3 weeks.

Q: Can you make it vertical?
A: Maybe. If there aren't any words, 80.637% yes. Otherwise, 99.9% no. But ask to be sure.

Q: Did you photograph this?
A: Sure did. With my big fancy cameras and way too many lenses.

Q: What size is the image in your sample picture?
A: I'm asked this a lot! You should always pick a size based on your rooms and walls. Still not sure? Send me the dimensions and I'm happy to help out.

Q: I need two, do you have anything that will go with this?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Can I get it in 13.75” x 20.25”?
A: Probably, let me know what you need.

Q: Is it matted?
A: Can be, if you pick that option from the 'Type of Art and Size' menu. Mats are white, by the way. 5x7s are matted to 8x10, 8x10s are matted to 11x14, 11x14 to 16x20. Easy to gift or pop into a frame.

Q: Do your canvases have colored sides?
A: Oh heck no ! The full image is on the front, mirrored on the sides. 1.5” deep, wood frame, very cool. Oh, with sweet hanging wire for those of us who usually have to put 5 nail holes in the wall to get it straight.

Q: Is it framed?
A: No; I had to discontinue offering framing as it's really difficult to ship framed prints safely - nobody wants to hang a broken frame!

The good news is prints are very easy to frame, matted prints even easier (just pop 'em in!) and canvas and wood are ready to hang without framing.

Q: I live in Australia/England/Thailand/Germany/etc. will you ship to me?
A: Prints and matted prints, yes, canvas, framed prints and wood, no. Unfortunately international shipping for heavy stuff costs more than the heavy stuff itself.

Speaking of international shipping: Your country might charge you duty or VAT tax. Ugh, right? Death and taxes, can't escape it. They are basically an import tax between you and your country; they have nada to do with me. I can't charge, assess or remit them.

Q: I have this cool picture my Nana took of us, can you print it?
A: No. But go Nana!

Q: Help! How the heck do I decide what to order?
A: Right? Maybe this will help: Prints need to be framed. Matted prints are great for gifts, and you just pop them into a frame (½ the work is done!). Canvas and wood are ready to hang (yay!). Prints and canvas are traditional, wood is more rustic and fixer-upper like.

Q: These prints don't match my shower curtain after all, can I swap them out?
Q: These 5x7 prints are really small, can I get 8x10s instead?
Q: I didn't realize I'd need to frame it, can I change it to canvas?
A: Yup, I want you to be 100% happy. Everything is made to order, though, so if you're not sure how it'll look, please send me a picture of your wall and I'll show you.

Q: The mail truck drove over my prints, will you send me new ones?
A: Of course!

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Beautiful! My mother in law loved it!

Beautiful! My mother in law loved it!

Second piece I've gotten from this shop! Love the quality of...

Second piece I've gotten from this shop! Love the quality of these prints

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