Black & White


I love black and white. It’s classy, always in style, and suitable for any room. It’s timeless…yet somehow also modern. I’m often asked how to choose between color or black and white, so this is what I do. And – trust me – there’s no science behind this, it’s just my own personal preference: Black and white in public areas, color in private. In my home, that means black and white in the foyer, living room, kitchen, dining room. Color in the bathrooms, bedrooms, staircases and upstairs hallways. So very scientific (not at all). But it works for me!

With that in mind: Every image in my shop is available in black and white. You’ll find some examples here and also scattered in their specific galleries. But you can purchase any image at all in black and white. If you’d like to see one, let me know and I’ll add it for you.

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