Wood Plank Sign Set: Rustic Bathroom Decor, Rustic Wood Plank Bathroom Art
Wood Plank Sign Set: Rustic Bathroom Decor, Rustic Wood Plank Bathroom Art HORIZONTALSET BACKimage BROWNEDGESimage

Farmhouse Wood Sign Set of 4: Rustic Bathroom


My most popular bathroom set…now expanded into a set of 4 with the addition of my minty hydrangea print. Perfect for a Victorian or rustic bathroom!


Q: Is it real wood?
A: Sure is!

Q: Is it shiny?
A: No. Distressed and kinda rugged. UV resistant inks with brown sides and back. Hangers, too!

Q: How many planks?
A: 9×12 = 3, 11×14 = 4, 16×20 = 5, 20×24 = 6.

Q: Can you make another size?
A: If it’s one of ^^^ those sizes, yes! Also 30×40. Otherwise, no.

Q: Can I buy the digital file?
A: No can do. Unless it’s for a commercial project, then let’s talk.

Q: I need it for a wedding this weekend – will it be here?
A: If it says “In Stock” in the title, then maybe! If not, toast to the wedding couple and let them know their gift will arrive in 2-3 weeks.

Q: Is it vertical or horizontal?
A: Take a peek at the image up top: If it’s wider than it is tall, it’s horizontal. Taller than it is wide, it’s vertical. There are also some squares thrown in here and there.

Q: Can you make it vertical?
A: Maybe. If there aren’t any words, 80.637% yes. Otherwise, 99.9% no. But ask to be sure.

Q: This is neat, but can I get a print instead?
A: Heck ya! Print, matted print, framed, canvas, you name it. They’re all in my shop.

Q: Did you photograph this?
A: Sure did. With my big fancy cameras and way too many lenses.

Q: Can you change this to yellow?
A: You can get anything you see in color, black and white or sepia. Want me to change a purple flower to yellow? No can do.

Q: I need two, do you have anything that will go with this?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Can you add some text?
A: Names, sure. Short quotes, maybe. 25 line Shakespeare soliloquy, definitely not.

Q: I live in Australia/England/Thailand/Germany/etc. will you ship to me?
A: Sorry, no. Unfortunately international shipping for heavy stuff costs more than the heavy stuff itself.

Q: I have this cool picture my Nana took of us, can you print it?
A: No. But go Nana!

Q: I need a bigger size, can I swap it out?
A: Yup, I want you to be 100% happy. Everything is made to order, though, so if you’re not sure how it’ll look, please send me a picture of your wall and I’ll show you.

Q: The mail truck drove over my prints, will you send me new ones?
A: Of course!

Q: Can I copy you?
A: Please don’t. © All images photographed & edited by Lisa Russo Fine Art Photography, LLC. Do not copy or reuse without written release.

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