Will my print have your name on it?

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Any watermarks you see do not appear on the final product. They're only there to deter online theft. 

Do you offer framing?

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Sorry, no, as it's very difficult to ship framed prints safely. All prints are offered in standard sizes so they're easy to frame locally. Smaller sizes pop into ready-made frames, while larger prints require custom framing. If you don't have a framer, check out Michael's or Hobby Lobby for a nice variety. 

Also: Canvas, plaques & wood signs are ready to hang and do not require framing! 

Can I buy the file and print it myself?

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No, I only offer digital files for large-scale commercial projects. If that's you, give me a shout! 

Is this vertical or horizontal?

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Have a look at the main image: If it's wider than tall, it's horizontal. Taller than wide, it's vertical. 

Can you make it vertical/horizontal?

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Maybe. If there are words or the image goes edge-to-edge (like most of the bathroom pieces), probably not. But ask to be sure. 

Did you photograph this?

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Yes. Everything offered in my shop is my own original artwork, no stock photography to be found. 

What size is the one in the room picture?

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I'm asked this a lot! Most room displays are digital renderings, so it's all relative. I always recommend choosing a size perfect for your space & if you need help figuring that out, let me know! 

Can you change the color?

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All images are available in color, black and white or sepia. I cannot change the color of a flower, barn, etc. 


How soon will my order ship?

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Prints ship in 1-2 days, plaques and canvas in 2-3, wood prints in 4, planked wood signs in about 3 weeks. 

I ship using USPS, UPS or FedEx and will send you tracking information as soon as your order is on the way. 

FedEx drove over my order, can I get a new one?

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I'm a bit over-zealous in my packaging, but there is the rare occasion when damage happens. Send me a photo (including the box if possible!) and I'll get a replacement right out to you. 

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

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Small things yes, large/heavy things, no. Unfortunately international shipping for large/heavy stuff costs more than the stuff itself. Please send me a note before ordering to confirm. 

Speaking of international shipping: Your country may charge you duty or VAT taxes, which are import taxes between you and your postal system. They have nada to do with me and I can't charge, assess, or remit them. 

Print Sets

Does the discounted price include all 3/4/6 in the set?

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Can I change one of the images?

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Always! You can either note the change in the 'Instructions to Seller' at checkout, or contact me and I'll build you a custom set.  

Can I purchase just one or two of these?

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Of course! All images are available individually; either find them elsewhere in the same section or contact me and I'll send you a link. 

Returns & Exchanges

This doesn't match my bathroom afterall, can I exchange it?

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Yes, get in touch and we'll figure it out! 

If I order a 30x40 canvas and it doesn't match my couch, can I return it?

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Here's the thing: All prints, canvas and plaques are custom made to order, not kept in stock. And my house ain't Amazon. ;) So if you return that 30x40...I have to find a place for it. Most likely Vic's closet, which means he'll have to get rid of 50 rugby t-shirts. 

Solution? Get in touch. I'm very (very) happy to send you a small test print to make sure it will match before you order. Vic thanks you! 

That said: I want you to love your art. I will never, ever force you to keep something you don't love. You may always return it. 

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