Hi There!

You probably came here expecting to find the requisite, generic bio, right? Don't fret, you'll find it down below.

But what I figure you really want to know is “Why should I spend my hard earned money here with this random person I don't know on the internet?” Excellent question! And, while I am not built to be a horn-tooter, I shall give it the old college try.

• I know what I'm doingI've been at this a long (very long, don't ask) time. I was a hobbyist, then a portrait professional, owned a newborn photography studio in Atlanta for several years, and even taught photography classes. I understand exposure, aperture, depth of field, and the rule of thirds. Yeah, #nerdalert indeed.

• I invest in professional equipment. I currently shoot with the Canon R5, which is my 4th Canon and a 45 megapixel wonder. Many of the images in my shop were shot with the equally wonderful Canon 5D Mark III. I have an embarrassingly large lens collection, but typically grab my Canon 70-200 or 24-70 2.8. I've had more than one person ask me about quality loss with enlargements: Don't worry. Won't happen. Which leads me to...

• I'm ridiculously picky. My perfectionist editing process is painstakingly slow. I zoom every image to 100% on my 27" monitor and if it's blurry or flawed, out it goes. Honestly, I don't churn out tons of new work because shooting is the easy part of the process. I know my way around Photoshop and spent 5 years editing wee pimples off babies' faces (one by one...) and sweat droplets off dads' shirts when they were forced into afternoon portrait sessions in Atlanta.

• I have only the best products and production partners. In a continuation of the whole picky thing, I don't skimp with lesser-quality products. I know art is an investment and I want you to love the art you hang on your wall. I also strive to have a variety of products to fit your style: Traditional prints and canvas, modern plaques, rustic wood. If I wouldn't proudly give it to my grandmother or hang it in my house...I don't offer it to you. I am very proud of the products I offer, and stand behind them. If you have any issue with your art, I will make it right.

• It's just me. I'd like to say I'm a huge shop with gobs of employees, but no. Control freak? Yes. I do have packaging and online maintenance help from time to time, but if you email, I'm the one who answers. Ask a question? Me. Order? I'm the one who will be in touch.

I hope that helps. If not? Ask me! Anything at all.

Now for that whole 'bio' thing:  

Truth: 99% of the time I’m in a baseball hat, no makeup and workout clothes. I really only dress up if there’s food involved. I enjoy cooking, reading, OrangeTheory, Peloton, the Atlanta Falcons, and snow-free climates. 99% of my wardrobe is black and I am beyond happy that current fashion makes yoga pants acceptable anywhere. ISTJ no matter how many times I take the test.

I live in Texas (by way of Upstate New York, Georgia, Illinois, Georgia again, and Pennsylvania) with my husband Vic and our kids Ava (15) and Aidan (21). After parenting bulldogs for many years, we switched course and added a Goldendoodle to our family. Her name is Sophie and she and I have lengthy conversations all day long (don't judge!). 

Aidan is in his Senior year at Texas A&M, so we are officially Aggie parents. Gig ’em! Ava plays soccer, basketball, is in show choir and varsity choir...oh and student council. Managing her schedule should be a salaried position. Just saying

If you visit my home you’ll find neutral colors with old wood, textures and chippy antiques in the mix. Guess what? My art is exactly the same. I didn’t realize I had a style…until I realized I had a style. Hint: If you need a good neutral paint color try Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. We’ve painted 3 homes with it and it hasn’t failed us yet!

Lisa Russo Fine Art is a one woman show. I personally handle every order and email, while Aidan handles some of the behind-the-scenes tasks like online shop maintenance, production updates and shipping prep along with my part-time assistant Libby. I’m trying to rope Ava into working for me, but it would interfere with her Tik-tok time so no go just yet.

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