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Selecting a Size

When choosing your artwork size, my advice is to always make your selection based on the amount of space you need to fill. My room displays are a guide, but everyone's space is different!

Just as you wouldn't choose a paint color without trying some samples, you shouldn't guess what size artwork you need. I suggest trimming blank paper in various sizes to tape up on the wall and see what fills the space nicely. I think many of us have it in our heads (from school picture days, perhaps?) that a 5x7 is "normal" and an 8x10 is "big." In reality, both sizes are quite small. 

To give you a general idea, here is a graphic showing some of my more popular sizes:

(Sizes shown indicate print size, not framed size. Mats are available, framing is not included.)

Also keep in mind: Matting and framing add to the finished size, canvas is true to size, and plaques and wood add very little: 

  • Luster-Finish Unframed Prints & Ready to Hang Canvas are true-to-size, full bleed, as listed (no borders).
  • 5x7 Matted Prints fit 8x10 Frames
  • 8x10 Matted Prints fit 11x14 Frames
  • 11x14 Matted Prints fit 16x20 Frames
  • 16x20 Matted Prints fit 20x24 Frames
  • Beveled-Edge Plaques are true-to-size plus (+) a 3/8” Beveled Edge.
  • Solid Wood Signs are true-to-size plus (+) a 1/4” Beveled Wood Edge.

Generally, anything under 11x14 works best in a grouping, unless you have a very small space to fill. 16x20 is what I consider a medium size, and 30x40 is the perfect size to hang over a couch or headboard by itself.

When in doubt, just ask! Quality artwork is an investment, and I'm always available to offer input and advice. 

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