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Heart Barn in the Snow

Heart Barn in the Snow

Before Texas, we lived in Western Pennsylvania for 3 years. You know what they have in Western PA? SNOW. You know what else? SNOW. Oh, and SNOW. Specifically a particularly evil variety known as "Lake Effect Snow." I grew up in NY and thought "Eh, I can handle snow."
I was wrong. So, very, very wrong.
ANYWAY, thanks to my trusty 4-wheel-drive Trailblazer (I miss her still), I did venture out into it once in awhile - especially when I knew we were moving to a place that had none (thank you). While shoveling and snowblowing it was zero fun...looking at it is a LOT of fun (I do miss that part - shush!).
This barn has always been a fave because after I edited it I noticed the faded part in the middle looks like a heart. <3 See it?? Recently it's had an uptick in popularity and that makes me so happy.
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