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Pre-Matted Prints

Pre-Matted Prints

In case you hadn't noticed, I now offer matted prints up to size 16x20 (finished size 20x24). I love shipping pre-matted prints as all you need to do when you receive them is open the back of your frame, pop them in, and close it up. Boom! Done.
They're also *really* nice to give as gifts, as they're elegant on their own (and simple for the recipient to display).
Common questions:
"What color are your mats?" White.
"Is the size the print or mat?" Print. So a matted 5x7 fits an 8x10 frame. Matted 8x10 fits an 11x14 frame. Matted 11x14 fits 16x20, and so forth.
"Where can I get a frame?" My personal favorite is Michael's, especially with a coupon - they have quite an extensive variety of frames. Also Hobby Lobby, Target, Aaron Brothers, TJMaxx & Marshalls for smaller sizes, etc.
Matted Fine Art Prints Ready to Frame
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